Source code for invenio_mail.ext

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of Invenio.
# Copyright (C) 2015-2018 CERN.
# Invenio is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the MIT License; see LICENSE file for more details.

"""Invenio mail module."""

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function

import sys
import threading

from flask_mail import Mail, email_dispatched

[docs]class InvenioMail(object): """Invenio-Mail extension.""" def __init__(self, app=None, stream=None): """Extension initialization. Mails are only printed to the stream if ``MAIL_SUPPRESS_SEND`` is ``True``. :param app: Flask application object. :param stream: Stream to print emails to. Defaults to ``sys.stdout``. """ = stream or sys.stdout self._lock = threading.RLock() if app: self.init_app(app)
[docs] def init_app(self, app): """Flask application initialization. The initialization will: * Set default values for the configuration variables. * Initialise the Flask mail extension. * Configure the extension to avoid the email sending in case of debug or ``MAIL_SUPPRESS_SEND`` config variable set. In this case, the email will be written in the stream configured in the extension. :param app: Flask application object. """ self.init_config(app) if 'mail' not in app.extensions: Mail(app) if app.config.get('MAIL_SUPPRESS_SEND', False) or app.debug: email_dispatched.connect(print_email) app.extensions['invenio-mail'] = self
[docs] @staticmethod def init_config(app): """Initialize configuration. :param app: Flask application object. """ app.config.setdefault('MAIL_DEBUG', app.debug) app.config.setdefault('MAIL_SUPPRESS_SEND', app.debug or app.testing)